Hello! Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find out about my experiences as a new yoga teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, but also so much more. To me, my yoga practice does not begin and end with my mat. I take my practice out into the world, and I hope to share it with you!

Why did I choose to become a yoga teacher (now)?

I began a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in January 2018 by sending an email the evening before the first day of class, asking if there was still a spot open. Newly married and seeking full-time work in the same city as my husband, I figured it could be months before I would be employed full-time. I decided that a yoga teacher certification, which I had always dismissed due to timing and cost, would be a good investment. And it was, on many levels. I made it into the program, taught through Infinity Yoga (now YogaWorks) in Atlanta, and spent the next three and a half months doing yoga … a lot.  I powered through a good number of heated vinyasa classes at first, before realizing that I could not possibly continue THAT if I was to achieve 40 hours of required yoga classes, in addition to 10 hours each weekend spent learning yoga philosophy, anatomy, adjustments, business, and more.

At the end of April, I graduated from the program, and the same week started a new full-time job managing a French-speaking government office downtown. Nearly a month into the new job, I’m working on tackling the new yoga teacher to-do list items, some of which are:

  • Register with Yoga Alliance (optional)
  • Buy liability insurance
  • Get CPR/AED certified
  • Create and print waivers (if planning to teach in a location where waivers aren’t used or you’re not sure)
  • Create a website and business cards
  • File paperwork for an LLC, create a bank account for said LLC, and read up on being self-employed and what that means for your taxes. (Having an LLC is not required as a yoga teacher, but I wanted to take this step, which I’ll explain more about later.)
  • Gain experience!! Volunteer and offer to sub for regular teachers at various studios. Be known in your community.

My next posts will be about creating an LLC and about what to expect from yoga teacher training. 🙂



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